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Athletic Trainers

We serve as the athletic trainers for Cheney Schools. We are present at all home events to help make sure our athletes are well provided for in case of injury. Please feel free to stop by and say hi while we are out and about.


Rocktape is a form of kinesiology tape used to help treat pain, injuries, and create stability. Oftentimes the tape is used in athletics to help athlete performance but can also be used in everyday life to help common injuries such as low back pain.

Pre & Postnatal Care

Chiropractic care is a completely natural, drug-free way to keep your body healthy and functioning optimally. Chiropractic can help mothers experience healthier and more pleasant pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Sports Physicals

Our docs are qualified to perform sports physicals for young athletes. We have all the necessary paperwork in office, just give us a call to schedule your student athlete.

Pediatric Care

Get your kids adjusted to give them the best opportunity to grow, develop, and thrive. Dr. Samantha is very gentle and safe for brand new babies  and children of all ages.

Techniques Utilized

Dr. Samantha is certified in Webster technique which is a pregnancy specific adjustment. Both docs also have training in Diversified, Cox-Flexion Distraction, Thompson, Rocktape, IASTM and also offers low force techniques including SOT and Activator.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Dr. Dustin is in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He sees animal chiropractic patients on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Dr. Samantha is in the office on Tuesday and Thursday. 

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